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My Review of Face Analyzer and How it can be Used on People and Friends: Pantech Burst

Here is an android app that is simple to use. It's called face analyzer and you just take pictures of people and it will tell you if that persons picture is good or bad.

Google Faces FTC Scrutiny on Android App Approval

Sept. 25 -- Google is facing anti-trust scrutiny from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission over the possible stifling of competitor's access to the Android operating ...

Ghost Voice Catcher AUTO-EVP Recorder Android app demo

NOTE: Sorry for such a silly demo. never did one using the webcam before or showing my face! NEW GHOST HUNTING TECHNOLOGY! A totally NEW way to ...

75 new iOS 10 features / changes!

Subscribe now ▻ http://bit.ly/9to5YT - A hands-on look at 75 new iOS 10 features with commentary. Visit http://9to5mac.com/guides/ios-10/ for more details.

Garmin Connect Mobile App - REVIEW #2

SHOP GARMIN PRODUCTS ON AMAZON ↓↓↓↓ http://amzn.to/2cG1Iad Garmin Connect Mobile App review. I have been hugely critical of Garmin in the past ...

Facial Recognition and Facial Processing with Snapdragon SDK for Android

Learn how app developer, Magisto, makes their mobile video app even better using facial processing and facial recognition APIs from the Snapdragon SDK.

NBA 2K17 Review for Apple iOS and Android! - The Best NBA 2K Game Yet

NBA 2K17 Review for Apple iOS and Android! - The Best NBA 2K Game Yet. Watch this video before buying the NBA 2K17 for Android or iOS.

Bluetooth OBD II Tutorial [Super Mini ELM327]

Tutorial how to set ELM327 OBDII on your car Available in 720p HD You can buy Super Mini ELM327 on ebay: http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?

Image Color Analyzer Pro - Android App

Image Color Analyzer is designed to analyze color groups in the visible spectrum (which human eyes can see). It groups the colors and sort them from the most ...

Pioneer NEX Car Stereos w/ Gauges and More New Features | CES 2016

Last year Pioneer added Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to the NEX units, this year they added some cool car integration features. All of the NEX Series of ...

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